5 Best Car Insurance Fort Myers FL

5 Best Car Insurance Fort Myers FL

5 Best Car Insurance Fort Myers FL

The average yearly premium for full-coverage car insurance in Fort Myers, FL stands at $2,483, which is $311 lower than the state average of $2,794. Car insurance rates in Fort Myers surpass the national average due to the state’s higher proportion of uninsured drivers, leading to elevated premiums for all motorists.

To save money on vehicle insurance in Fort Myers, comparing quotes from top insurers is the most straightforward approach.

Key Points on Car Insurance in Fort Myers, FL:

  • For full coverage car insurance, State Farm offers the most competitive rates in Fort Myers, averaging at $1,434 annually.
  • On the other hand, Mercury Insurance presents the highest average price for full-coverage car insurance, amounting to $2,553 per year.
  • Florida mandates a minimum liability insurance policy covering $10,000 per person / $20,000 per accident in bodily injury liability, along with $10,000 in property damage liability.

Car Insurance Fort Myers FL


Progressive, one of the country’s leading auto insurance providers, insures over 18 million drivers.

Customers receive policy alternatives, 24-hour support, and access to several savings opportunities.

Vehicle owners in Fort Myers can get personalized quotations in as little as six minutes. Customers in Fort Myers praise the quick claims procedure and reasonable prices.

 Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual auto insurance includes a 12-month rate guarantee, 24-hour customer support, and a lifetime warranty on all repairs.

With the Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund, the company also contributes to your deductible.

There are numerous discounts available, including quick savings when ordering online.  Locals like how easy it is to receive a quote and how clear the terms are to grasp.

The General
  • With almost half a century of experience, The General has been a steadfast provider of auto insurance across the United States. Regardless of your history of traffic violations or accidents, The General is likely to offer you coverage. Offering convenient monthly payment options and access to dedicated claims personnel, customers value the company’s commitment to providing affordable rates while catering to high-risk drivers.
Wilcox Family Insurance
  • At Wilcox Family Insurance Company, employees are trained to listen attentively to the needs of their Fort Myers clientele, offering tailored solutions to their insurance requirements. Customers can obtain quotes over the phone within minutes, appreciating the agency’s efficient and personalized service, evident from consistent five-star ratings. Recognized with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Wilcox Family Insurance prioritizes customer satisfaction.
Baker Insurance Group
  • Since 2003, Baker Insurance Group has been serving the insurance needs of Fort Myers and neighboring Lee County residents, specializing in auto, boat, and motorcycle coverage. Catering to all types of drivers, the company offers free quotes and reasonable policy fees, earning praise and referrals from many satisfied customers. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Baker Insurance Group is trusted for its reliability and customer-focused approach.

Factors Influencing Car Insurance Quotes in Fort Myers:

  • Driving history and claims record: Previous accidents and traffic violations can lead to higher insurance premiums.
  • Location of the vehicle: Certain ZIP codes may incur higher insurance charges.
  • Type of vehicle: Sports cars, luxury vehicles, and high-performance automobiles typically have higher insurance rates due to increased risk.
  • Vehicle usage: Regular use for work purposes may result in higher premiums compared to occasional pleasure driving.
  • Credit score: Drivers with good credit often qualify for lower insurance rates compared to those with poor credit.

What is the minimum liability coverage requirement in Fort Myers, FL?

  • In Florida, the minimum insurance coverage required includes $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 in property damage liability (PDL). Additionally, bodily injury liability coverage of $10,000/$20,000 per person/per occurrence is mandated, although policyholders can opt out if desired.
  • Individuals with BAC percentages of .08% or higher (21 years old or older), .04% or higher (commercial vehicle drivers), or .02% or higher (under 21 years old) are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle in Florida. Impairment of normal faculties also constitutes evidence of DUI, with penalties outlined in Florida’s DUI statutes.
What are the consequences of a DUI conviction?
  • The ramifications of a DUI conviction in Florida vary based on factors such as prior convictions, BAC level, and presence of minors during arrest. Penalties typically include fines, community service, probation, and potentially jail time. Additionally, DUI convictions lead to long-term financial consequences such as increased insurance rates, legal fees, court costs, vehicle impoundment, and installation of ignition interlock devices.
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