Capes Scholarship

Capes Scholarship

Embarking on a journey toward higher education is a monumental step, and the Capes Scholarship stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for countless aspirants. In this guide, we will look into the intricacies of the Capes Scholarship, exploring its benefits, application process, and the transformative impact it has on scholars.

Capes Scholarship

CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) is a Foundation within the Ministry of Education in Brazil whose central purpose is to coordinate efforts to improve the quality of Brazil’s faculty and staff in higher education through grant programs at foreign universities. CAPES is particularly concerned with the training of Doctoral candidates, Pre-doctoral short-term researchers, and Post-doctoral Scholars.


Its goal is to offer full doctoral free study abroad as a complementary alternative to the possibilities offered by all the graduate programs in Brazil; increase the level of collaboration and joint publications between researchers working in Brazil and abroad.

What does CAPES do?

The CAPES Foundation is a public foundation established in 1951 within the Ministry of Higher Education, as a Brazilian government agency awarding scholarship grants to graduate students at universities and research centers in Brazil and abroad. At present CAPES supports about 22,000 students in Brazilian graduate programs and 1,500 in other countries.


How does IIE support CAPES?

IIE handles the placement of CAPES PhD graduate students in U.S. institutions of higher education, issues student visa documentation and monitors immigration status and students’ academic progress. In addition, IIE provides direct counseling support when needed.

Benefits of Capes Scholarship

The foundation is providing a Monthly payment, Aid displacement, Installation assistance, and Health insurance.


  • These are intended for candidates of high academic performance to turn to foreign institutions of excellence to conduct full doctorate in foreign universities.
  • Programs for Brazilian students are open to studying all the subjects.
  • Applicants from Brazil can apply for these educations.

How to Apply

  • How to apply: The mode of applying is online. Registration is free and done with the completion of forms, the sending of documents, as described in the current Call for Selection.
  • Language Requirements: The candidate should have a very good command over the English language.


The Capes Scholarship is more than a financial grant; it’s a transformative journey that shapes scholars into global leaders. Embrace the opportunities, overcome challenges, and unlock the doors to a future defined by knowledge and innovation.


FAQs: Demystifying Capes Scholarship

1. What is the Capes Scholarship’s duration?

Capes Scholarships typically span 12 to 24 months, varying based on the selected program and academic requirements.

2. How competitive is the Capes Scholarship?

The Capes Scholarship is highly competitive, with a rigorous selection process. Demonstrating academic excellence and a compelling research proposal is crucial.

3. Can international students apply for the Capes Scholarship?

Yes, the Capes Scholarship welcomes applications from international students, adding diversity to the academic landscape in Brazil.

4. How can I enhance my Capes Scholarship application?

Focus on academic achievements, demonstrate research potential, and align your goals with Brazil’s academic priorities for a stronger application.

5. Is Portuguese proficiency mandatory?

While not mandatory, proficiency in Portuguese enhances the overall experience. Language skills contribute to effective communication and cultural integration.


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