Excelsior Scholarship 2023-24 Application

Excelsior Scholarship 2023-24 Application

The Excelsior Scholarship stands as a beacon of hope for students aspiring to pursue higher education, providing a unique opportunity to alleviate financial burdens and make academic dreams a reality.

Excelsior Scholarship 2023-24 Application

The Excelsior Scholarship 2023-24 Application marks the beginning of your path to affordable education. Learn about the eligibility criteria, required documents, and how to navigate the application seamlessly.


Benefits and Coverage

One of the key aspects that make the Excelsior Scholarship noteworthy is its extensive coverage. From tuition fees to supporting middle-class families, learn about the comprehensive benefits that this scholarship provides and how it positively impacts students’ lives.


Tuition-free program for eligible NYS residents 1 pursuing their first undergraduate degree at a SUNY or CUNY College

  • The Excelsior Scholarship 2023-24 application opens in the spring for the next academic year.
  • New York State residents can apply for the NYS Excelsior Scholarship via HESC.
  • If you have graduated from a high school outside the United States, you must meet the “Ability to Benefit” (ATB) requirement by the 21st day of the semester. For more information, contact the Evaluation and Testing Office located at Wille Administration Building, Room A-213. Phone: 1(212) 650-6488
  • Students must file a FAFSA and TAP application before filing the excelsior scholarship.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in at least 12 credits per term and complete at least 30 credits each year (successively), applicable toward their degree program.
  • Recipients may receive up to $5,500 ($2,750 per semester) or actual tuition for the aid year, whichever is less.
  • The maximum Excelsior Scholarship will be reduced by the amount of certain other financial aid awards, which an applicant has or will receive for the academic year including other New York State aid award(s) and/or federal grant(s).
  • Recipients must live in New York State for the length of time they received the award. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the conversion of your award to a no-interest loan.
  • For additional information, contact HESC or visit their website:

How To Apply

Students who are current recipients of the scholarship do not need to complete the 2023-24 application.

In order to complete the 2023-2024 application, you will need to:

Please ensure that you upload your documents after you submitted the Excelsior Application at the HESC Account Access page.



Embarking on the Excelsior Scholarship 2023-24 Application journey opens doors to a world of educational possibilities. Armed with comprehensive knowledge and a strategic approach, you’re well-positioned for success. Seize this opportunity and pave the way for a brighter academic future.

Excelsior Scholarship 2023-24 Application FAQs

1. How do I check if I’m eligible for the Excelsior Scholarship 2023-24?

To determine eligibility, visit the official Excelsior Scholarship website or consult your educational institution’s financial aid office. Meeting academic and income criteria is crucial.

2. What documents are required for the application?

Prepare academic transcripts, income statements, and any additional documents outlined in the application guidelines. Thorough documentation is vital for a successful submission.

3. Can I apply for the Excelsior Scholarship as a graduate student?

The Excelsior Scholarship primarily caters to undergraduate students. Graduate students may explore other scholarship opportunities tailored to their academic pursuits.

4. Is there an application fee for the Excelsior Scholarship?

No, the Excelsior Scholarship application is free of charge. Be wary of misinformation and only rely on official sources for accurate details.

5. How can I enhance my scholarship essay?

Craft a compelling narrative by showcasing your unique experiences, goals, and the impact the Excelsior Scholarship would have on your academic journey. Be authentic and articulate.

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