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SAPS Traineeship

How to Apply to SAPS Traineeship – SAPS Application Form 2023 PDF

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The SAPS Traineeship provides career opportunities in various fields. Upon joining the SAPS, individuals can pursue a career as either a Police Official or a Civilian Employee. Police officials are appointed under the South African Police Service Act, engaging directly in preventing, combating, or investigating crimes. Meanwhile, civilian employees are appointed under the Public Service Act, focusing on support functions. Detailed information and guidelines can be found on myjobcentral|SA.


SAPS Traineeship 2023

The South African Police Service (SAPS) wants to inform the public about fraudulent advertisements falsely claiming to be from SAPS. These ads falsely recruit individuals for the 2023/2023 police traineeship and other police vacancies. The deceptive website in question is

Structure of The Basic Police Development Learning Programme (BPDLP)


The Learning Programme will span 24 months, with 12 months at the Academy and 12 months in the workplace, divided into two academy phases and one workplace phase.

  • Phase One: Academy (10 months)
    • Foundational phase, focusing on acquiring essential knowledge and skills.
    • Practical application of acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Phase Two: Workplace experience (12 months)
    • Workplace exposure at a police station.
  • Phase Three: Academy (2 months)
    • Integrated assessments.

Upon successful completion, police trainees are permanently enlisted as constables in the South African Police Service.

Payment and Benefits During the First 24 Months:

  • Phase 1: 10 Months at The SAPS Academy
    • Monthly stipend of R3,175.00.
    • Free meals and accommodation.
    • POLMED medical aid (lower plan membership), no pension fund.
  • Phases 2 and 3: 12 Months in The Workplace at A Station and Two Months Integrated Assessment at The Academy
    • Monthly stipend of R7,275.00.
    • Own meals and accommodation.
    • POLMED medical aid (lower or higher plan membership), pension fund, and all other benefits (leave, allowances, etc.).
  • Permanent Appointment After 24 Months:
    • Monthly salary of R10,307.00.
    • All benefits applicable to SAPS Act members.

SAPS  Traineeship Entry Requirement

Basic Enlistment Requirements: To be eligible, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a South African citizen by birth.
  • Be at least 25 but under 40 years of age, supported by documentary proof.
  • Complete a health questionnaire at personal cost, confirmed by a registered medical practitioner.
  • Be medically, mentally, and physically fit for duty.
  • Possess good and sound character.
  • Fit the psychometric profile and successfully complete any additional tests as determined by the National Commissioner.
  • Hold at least a senior certificate (Grade 12) or have successfully completed a SAQA accredited NQF level 4 qualification, with documentary proof.
  • Be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing at least two official languages, with English as one of them.
  • Consent to fingerprinting and provide a DNA sample.
  • Be willing to undergo training as directed by the National Commissioner.
  • Be prepared to take the prescribed oath of office.
  • Understand that services may be terminated at the age of 60.
  • Complete an assessment questionnaire.
  • Undergo vetting or screening.
  • Be employed and provide proof of employment.
  • Provide proof of residential address.
  • Have no criminal record or pending criminal/departmental cases (declare all cases).
  • Not have a visible tattoo when wearing a uniform.

Reasons for Non-Acceptance: An applicant may not be accepted if they:

  • Were discharged as medically unfit by a previous employer.
  • Are a former SAPS Traineeship member with a rejected re-enlistment application due to negative considerations.
  • Are a member of the Regular Force of the National Defence Force.
  • Hold a key position as determined by the Department of Labour.
  • Hold a post or office in a political party, organization, movement, or body.
  • Are actively involved in politics or openly support a political party, potentially violating the non-partisan nature of the SAPS Traineeship.
  • Are a full-time or part-time journalist.
  • Lack a fixed residential address.
  • Are not in full-time employment.
  • Are a scholar.
  • Work as a bouncer or chucker-out.
  • Are a member of municipal police service.
  • Are a sheriff or deputy sheriff.
  • Are connected to certain activities or businesses involving sexual acts, pornography, private security, liquor, gambling, second-hand goods, tow-in services, microlending, livestock trading, funeral undertakings, and more.


How to Apply Online to SAPS Traineeship

PUBLIC NOTICE Please be aware that current vacancies and official application forms can be accessed on the SAPS official website Authentic information is exclusively available on this website.

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