Jakes Gerwel Bursary programme 2023

Jakes Gerwel Bursary

Jakes Gerwel Bursary programme 2023

Jakes Gerwel Bursary programme 2023 – Jakes Gerwel Career, Jakes Gerwel Forms, Jakes Gerwel Training Programme, Jakes Gerwel Opportunities 2023…



Jakes Gerwel Bursary programme 2023

“This transformative fellowship is designed for high-potential students, providing financial assistance, professional training, and high-quality teacher education. The program aims to equip students to become proficient teachers, social entrepreneurs, and educational leaders, empowering them to lead systemic change for the goal of delivering exceptional education to all learners.”


  • 19th July 2023


  • Jakes Gerwel


  • South Africa


The requirements for undergraduates are:

  • Must believe in the power of the classroom to drive social change.
  • Intention to pursue an Undergraduate Degree at UP or UCT followed by a PGCE.
  • Attained a 65% average in Grade 11 final results.
  • Age below 23 years by the application closing date.
  • Possession of a South African ID number.
  • Emphasis on demographic diversity as a foundational principle.

Specific Requirements for Teacher Fellowship (PGCE):

  • Permanent residency or citizenship in South Africa with an ID number.
  • Age below 30 years by the application closing date.
  • Commitment to teach at a South African high school upon PGCE completion.
  • Application to partner universities for academic study and PGCE placement in 2023. Partner universities include the University of Cape Town, the University of Witwatersrand, the University of Johannesburg, and the University of Pretoria.

Bursary Coverage:

  • Full tuition fees.
  • Accommodation.
  • Meal allowances.
  • Books allowance.
  • Tutor allowance.
  • Monthly pocket money.
  • Leadership development and academic support.
  • Assigned expert teacher as the student’s personal coach.

The fellowship provides opportunities for two categories:

  • Undergraduate intake for Gap year, Grade 12, and 1st-year university students.
  • Graduate intake (PGCE).



For Grade 12 students or on Gap year –  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

For PGCE applicants –  CLICK HERE TO APPLY 

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