JetBlue Scholarships

JetBlue Scholarships

With the JetBlue Scholarships program, JetBlue, which is well-known for its dedication to quality, broadens its scope of vision beyond the sky. This project, which was inspired by a commitment to education, offers hope to many people who want to reach scholastic success in the aviation sector. Let’s take a tour to discover the nuances of JetBlue Scholarships, from their conception to the life-changing effects they have on students.

JetBlue Scholarships

The JetBlue Scholarship is committed to supporting aviation-related education, and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) initiatives. Inspiring the next generation of aviation pioneers is a responsibility JetBlue takes very seriously.


JetBlue invest in students from diverse backgrounds to create a lifelong interest in STEM. They also partner with organizations and communities to provide access to STEM programs.

JetBlue Scholarships Criteria and Structure

The JetBlue Foundation awards grants up to $50,000 to qualifying educational organizations as described under the grant proposal criteria:

  • Applicant organizations must be located in a city where JetBlue currently flies, including our domestic and international cities.
  • Applications are only accepted from qualified educational institutions and organizations that sponsor educational STEM and/or certification programs in one or more of the following areas:
    • Aviation technology
    • Aviation engineering
    • Aviation operations
    • Aviation maintenance
    • Sustainable and environmental programs in aviation
  • Programs must serve one or more communities that are under-represented in aviation:
    • Veterans aviation education
    • Women in aviation
    • Under-represented diverse groups including but not limited to the African, Asian or Latin diaspora.
    • LGBTQ+
    • Neurodiverse and People with Physical Disabilities

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JetBlue Scholars Program

The JetBlue Scholars Program is for JetBlue crewmembers to enable them to participate in career development, leadership courses, special assignments, and online learning.

How It Works

Step 1

Students can get credit for courses completed at other colleges, licenses and certifications, and even on-the-job experience, including JetBlue training.

Step 2

Take JetBlue-approved courses online for college credit. Students learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere, from a mobile device or computer. JetBlue covers the cost and helps students select the courses they need to graduate.


Step 3

Students take the final semester online at a JetBlue partner university. All crewmembers receive discounted tuition, and scholarships may be available for those who qualify.

Step 4

Gather any transcripts from previous courses you have completed and any certifications or licenses you have. JetBlue wants to make sure that you receive credit for the things you’ve already put time, money, and effort into. Even if you think something may not count towards your degree, it is always worth asking!

Step 5

Now that you’re admitted and ready to go, the next step is classes. JetBlue Scholars complete their coursework online through JetBlue partner universities, which means they can study anywhere they are. You will select classes with the help of an advisor from your MyDegree account (see below).

Step 6

Once you have completed all the necessary coursework for your degree, you will spend your last semester completing classes with a JetBlue partner university. During this semester, you will receive discounted tuition. Scholarships may also be available for those who qualify


JetBlue Scholarships play a crucial role in breaking down financial barriers to education, providing a pathway for aviation students to pursue their dreams. The program’s multifaceted approach, encompassing various scholarship types, a transparent application process, and a commitment to diversity and community involvement, sets JetBlue apart as a leader in corporate social responsibility. Aspiring aviation students are not only granted financial assistance but are also welcomed into a supportive community that values their unique qualities and contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can international students apply for JetBlue Scholarships?

JetBlue Scholarships are primarily available to U.S. citizens, but specific programs may have varying eligibility criteria.

2. Are there age restrictions for JetBlue Scholarship applicants?

While age restrictions may apply to certain programs, JetBlue Scholarships are generally open to individuals pursuing education at various stages.

3. How competitive is the selection process for JetBlue Scholarships?

The selection process is competitive, emphasizing academic achievements, personal statements, and alignment with JetBlue’s values.

4. Can I apply for multiple JetBlue Scholarships simultaneously?

Yes, applicants can often apply for multiple scholarships offered by JetBlue, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria for each.

5. Does JetBlue provide ongoing support to scholarship recipients?

Yes, JetBlue is committed to supporting scholarship recipients throughout their educational journey, offering mentorship and networking opportunities

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