Scholarship Thank You Note Sample

Scholarship Thank You Note Sample

Thanking someone for a scholarship is more than just a polite gesture; it’s a calculated action that can influence your future academic and professional endeavors. We’ll dive into the craft of writing an engaging scholarship thank-you note that goes beyond simple courtesy in this extensive guide.

Scholarship Thank You Note Sample

A scholarship thank-you letter is a formal document that includes a statement of appreciation sent by a student to a scholarship-awarding organization or individual. This letter expresses gratitude and informs a donor or organization of the value of their contribution. Learning how to write one of these letters can help you convey your appreciation, develop your professional network, and create opportunities for future scholarships. In this article, we explain how to write a scholarship thank-you letter, discuss what to include in it, and provide a template and example to guide you.


What to say in a thank you letter:

Scholarship donors wish to know the students who are recipients of their scholarship gift and the impact of that support. Your thank you letter should be unique to you, but the following list contains some suggestions for what you might include:

  • Use a formal salutation with appropriate titles. Do not use first names. If you do not have this information, please address your letter to “Dear Scholarship Donor”.
  • Begin by introducing yourself and thanking the donor. Mention the specific scholarship and academic year for which it was received but not the amount.
  • Tell something about yourself. Provide a brief background that may include your hometown, family background, what led you to pursue your degree program at the University of Illinois, and your career goals.
  • Explain how this scholarship will benefit you.
  • Say “thank you” once again.
  • Sign your letter.

Some tips about writing your letter

  • Write clearly but concisely. Letters should be at least two paragraphs in length but no more than a single page.
  • Be yourself. Be sincere and willing to express your enthusiasm.
  • Letter should be typewritten in business format.
  • Proofread carefully. Double-check for typographical and grammatical errors. Consider having someone else read your letter.

Scholarship Thank You Note Sample


Dear Scholarship Donor,
I feel honored and grateful to have been selected as a recipient of the [Name of Scholarship]. I want to thank you for your generosity in funding this scholarship. It is a great help to me financially, especially in these uncertain times.


I am a Manufacturing Engineering Technology major hoping to go into automation engineering for my career. This fall semester, I am beginning my senior year and will be starting work on my capstone project. I submitted a project proposal last spring and it was selected. My group will be designing lightweight, collapsible desks for students in Africa and I am excited to experience the process of going from the idea stage to a real product that can bless others’ lives.

My road to getting a bachelor’s degree has not been an easy one or a direct route. I have taken several breaks in my education and had a lot of discouragement to the point that at times I wondered if l would graduate at all. I am so pleased to be on track to graduate in [semester, year]. Your scholarship will help allow me to focus on school as my priority rather than focusing on working as many hours as I would otherwise have needed to do to support my family and pay for my last two semesters.

As I complete my education at Weber State University, I cannot express my gratitude for this scholarship strongly enough. The funds will not be wasted because I am dedicated to being the best student I can be, so when I enter the workforce in the field of engineering I will be prepared and equipped to be an innovative, high-contributing employee.

Again, thank you for your vote of confidence in me — and this thoughtful, generous gift!



[Signature] [First and Last Name]


In conclusion, a scholarship thank you note is not merely a formality; it is an opportunity to create a lasting connection. By weaving gratitude into the fabric of your academic journey, you contribute to a culture of appreciation that extends far beyond the receipt of financial aid.


1. What do you say in a thank you note for a scholarship?

The note does not need to be long or wordy, but should be handwritten and include: Gratitude, Intended college choice, Future plans (major, career focus).

2. Should I hand write a thank-you letter for a scholarship?

In a digital world, it can be a nice novelty to send a handwritten thank you note, so if you can, this is a nice gesture. However, it is not always possible to send a thank you note. For instance, you may not have a physical address for the person who funded the scholarship.

3. Is it appropriate to mention challenges in my thank you note?

Yes, sharing personal challenges can add authenticity to your note. However, maintain a positive tone and focus on resilience and growth.

4. When should I send a thank you note after receiving a scholarship?

It’s advisable to send your thank you note promptly, ideally within a week of receiving the scholarship notification.

5. Should I follow up with the donor after sending a thank you note?

If the opportunity arises, a polite follow-up expressing ongoing appreciation is appropriate. However, avoid being overly persistent.

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