Travel Insurance ICICI Lombard: Everything You Should Know

Travel Insurance ICICI Lombard: Everything You Should Know

Travel Insurance ICICI Lombard: Everything You Should Know

Traveling is full of excitement and curiosity as you discover new areas. Traveling for vacation or business requires a break from regular life and a change of pace. Traveling is enjoyable, but it is laden with danger.

When you travel, you may encounter a variety of scenarios. When such calamities occur, they not only cause annoyance and emotional distress, but also result in financial losses.

Travel Insurance ICICI Lombard coverage can cover these financial losses. The coverage covers the various types of travel-related contingencies that you may encounter on your trip and compensates you for any losses that you incur.

Overview of Travel Insurance ICICI Lombard

In the general insurance market, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company is a well-known name.

The company provides several forms of general insurance plans as well as travel insurance as a product category.

Travel Insurance ICICI Lombard programs include international business and leisure visits. The plans provide an extensive scope of coverage, both built-in and optional, that protects your vacation financially against unexpected contingencies.

You can select insurance that meets your coverage requirements while also covering all family members traveling with you.

Why choose Travel Insurance ICICI Lombard?

The following features and benefits of Travel Insurance ICICI Lombard plans make them a fantastic fit for your travel insurance needs:

  • ICICI Lombard travel insurance policies have the option of receiving cashless hospitalization anywhere in the world. This enables you to obtain convenient medical attention in the event of injuries or illnesses sustained during your trip.
  • Different types of plans have been designed to meet various travel demands, guaranteeing that you choose the best policy for your trip.
  • ICICI Lombard travel insurance allows coverage up to USD 500,000, which is an ideal coverage amount for anticipated financial situations.
  • ICICI Lombard travel insurance programs do not require pre-entry health checks until the age of 85.
  • You can also extend your policy if your trip is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.

Types of ICICI Lombard travel insurance plans

The characteristics and coverage benefits of ICICI Lombard’s travel insurance policies are detailed below.

ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance Plan:

  • This global travel insurance plan covers trips taken worldwide, including Schengen countries, destinations excluding the United States and Canada, and worldwide travel, encompassing the United States and Canada. Key features of the policy include:
  • Comprehensive coverage for various financial contingencies.
  • Three plan options: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with coverage elements and insured sums varying based on the chosen plan.
  • Access to value-added services for dependents in India.
  • Premium payment on a per-day basis for trips exceeding 7 days.
  • Option to extend coverage for up to 180 days, allowing a total coverage period of 360 days per year.

ICICI Lombard Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan:

  • Designed specifically for senior citizens aged 71 and above, this travel insurance policy offers coverage for individuals planning trips. Key features include:
  • Sum insured of up to USD 50,000.
  • Coverage extended to senior citizen spouses traveling with the proposer.
  • Coverage duration aligned with the trip duration.

ICICI Lombard Gold Multi-Trip Plan:

  • An annual international travel insurance policy catering to multiple trips within a year. Features of this policy include:
  • Unlimited trips allowed throughout the year, with coverage provided for each trip.
  • Ideal for frequent travelers and businesspeople, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness compared to single-trip policies.
  • Primary benefits include a maximum sum insured of USD 500,000 and options for trip durations of 30, 45, or 60 days per trip.

ICICI Lombard Asia Travel Insurance Plan:

  • Designed for travel within Asia, covering countries like Thailand, China, and the UAE. Key features include:
  • Coverage extended to countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Comprehensive coverage for various contingencies.
  • Option to include family members in the policy’s coverage scope.

To apply for ICICI Lombard travel insurance, you can choose from the following methods:

  • Visiting the nearest ICICI Lombard branch.
  • Contacting an ICICI Lombard general insurance agent.
  • Online application through the ICICI Lombard website.

Documents required for purchasing ICICI Lombard travel insurance plans include:

  • Proposal form.
  • Identification proof for all insured members.
  • Proof of age for all insured members.
  • Confirmed travel tickets.
  • Tourist visa.
  • Any additional documentation as requested by the insurance provider.

In conclusion, travel insurance is an essential aspect of trip planning, offering protection against unexpected incidents. ICICI Lombard’s range of travel insurance policies provides comprehensive coverage tailored to various travel needs, ensuring travelers embark on their journeys with confidence. Whether traveling internationally, studying abroad, or vacationing with family, ICICI Lombard offers solutions to meet diverse requirements. Investing in ICICI Lombard travel insurance provides peace of mind, allowing travelers to create lasting memories with the assurance of reliable protection.

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