Undergraduate Scholarships For Pre Med Students

Undergraduate Scholarships For Pre Med Students

The cost of college is high, and financing is often difficult to come by. Students just like you have to make difficult choices about how to pay for college on a daily basis. Must you take out additional loans? Hold a part-time position? Abandon your social life? Fortunately, there are undergraduate scholarships for pre med students available to assist with college costs. There are numerous scholarships available, and each has specific requirements for eligibility. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist in simplifying the procedure.

This post will go over the various kinds of Undergraduate Scholarships for Pre Med Students and how to apply for them. We also put together a comprehensive list of undergraduate premed scholarships that are available. You can use this as a jumping off point for your scholarship hunt. To quickly access the section you require, utilize the table of contents. Let’s talk about everything you need to know about undergraduate pre med scholarships without further ado!


Undergraduate Scholarships for Pre Med Students

It’s wonderful to have the chance to further your education, especially when some of the top pre-med scholarships are available to support you in doing so. Even so, getting a degree isn’t inexpensive. Although state and federal loans are an option, the associated interest rate is not at all enticing. Work-study programs are useful, but what if your course work requires all of your focus and attention? That is the purpose of the scholarships. The complete list of top scholarships for aspiring medical students is provided below.

The Melissa’s Hope Scholarship

The Melissa’s Hope Scholarship is available for students who are planning to pursue a career in the medical and health field. Prospective recipients must be enrolled in nursing or a medical trade school for the upcoming academic school year. Graduate students and medical school students are also welcome to apply. The scholarship awards range from $1,000 to $3,000. Decisions will be announced via email. Recipients will receive their scholarships and be honored at an award brunch.



-Must be a resident of New Jersey

-Possess a 3.0 grade point average or higher

-Must have past experiences in volunteerism and community involvement


-Transcripts reflecting grades

The Pacers Foundation Linda Craig Memorial Scholarship

The Pace Foundation Linda Craig Memorial Scholarship is open to students who are currently enrolled in an Indiana based institution of higher learning. Students who have declared a major within a sports-related department such as physical therapy or athletic training are eligible to apply. The scholarship award of $2,500 will be granted to three recipients and can be used at any accredited university, junior college or community college located in Indiana. The application deadline is for the following year.


-Must be enrolled in an undergraduate university program

-Must portray traits of integrity, leadership, and character

-Must have a major in athletic-related disciplines

-Must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale

-Must be a citizen of the United States

-May not be a recipient of any other organizational scholarships

Gladys Carol Scholarship Program

The Gladys Carol Scholarship Program is for high school seniors, high school graduates, and current undergraduate students enrolled full-time in a science, technology, engineering, or math program at an accredited, non-profit four-year school. Qualifying students can receive up to $5,000.

Fontana Transport Inc. Scholarship Program

Fontana Transport is a family-owned trucking company in California. It operates a scholarship program for first-generation high school seniors that need financial assistance. Recipients can get up to $5,000 to pay for their education.

To qualify, you must be a high school senior and intend to major in an eligible field for the upcoming fall semester. Eligible majors include premed, science, math, and psychology.

 The Science Ambassador Scholarship

Applicants must record and submit a three-minute video of themselves explaining a STEM topic that they are passionate about. To be eligible for this scholarship, an applicant must be a high school senior or an undergraduate student.

Award: Varies; includes partial tuition stipend and full undergraduate tuition coverage (up to four years)

The Association of Food & Drug Officials Scholarship Awards

To be eligible for this scholarship, an applicant must be in their third year of college, pursuing a degree in food, drug, or cosmetic science-related studies, and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Award: $2,500

Tips on Searching and Applying for Undergraduate Premed Scholarships

Hopefully, the previous section helped you gain a better understanding of the different types of scholarships for undergraduate premed students. Now, we will give you useful tips to further guide you through the process of searching and applying for your undergraduate premed scholarships!

If you already have an ideal kind of scholarship in mind, you should try to be as specific as possible during the search process. Instead of simply typing “premed scholarships” into the search engine, try using phrases like “minority women in STEM essay scholarships for undergraduate premed students”, or “need-based, premed scholarships for first-generation college students”. By doing this, you will be able to drastically narrow down your options and have the best chance at finding scholarships that you meet the eligibility requirements for.

2. Pay attention to eligibility requirements

Before starting a scholarship application, it is crucial to double-check that you meet all of the eligibility requirements listed. A common mistake that applicants tend to make is assuming that meeting the requirements partially is good enough. Unless stated otherwise by the scholarship organization, you should always make sure that you meet the entire list of eligibility requirements.

3. Start early

Some scholarship applications have several components and may require you to spend a large amount of time preparing for them. For example, you may be expected to submit lengthy writing samples, multiple letters of recommendation, a video essay, documents such as proof of citizenship or income, and transcripts. Since gathering and completing these requirements may be time-consuming, it is important to start the application process as early as possible.

4. Make sure to proof-read

Before submitting your completed application, we highly recommend that you proof-read your entire application and ask at least one person to do the same, especially if the scholarship you are applying to requires a submission of one or more writing prompts. While small spelling and grammar errors will not stop you from communicating your overall message, it can come across as unprofessional and an inability to pay attention to small details.

5. Don’t be afraid to reach out

If you feel unsure about the requirements of a  scholarship, do not hesitate to reach out to the organization offering the scholarship. Whether you are uncertain about meeting the eligibility requirements, or need clarification on the submission deadline, reaching out to the organization is your best chance at ensuring that you are completing your application correctly.



In summary, undergraduate scholarships for pre med students are not just financial aids; they are transformative opportunities that pave the way for aspiring medical professionals. By addressing financial challenges, scholarships empower pre-med students to focus on their education and contribute meaningfully to the healthcare field.


1. Can international students pursuing pre-med education apply for these scholarships?

The eligibility criteria for scholarships vary, but many are open to international students. Check the specific requirements of each scholarship.

2. Are there scholarships specifically for underrepresented minorities in pre-med programs?

Yes, some scholarships aim to support underrepresented minorities in the medical field. Explore opportunities tailored to diverse backgrounds.

3. How can pre-med students demonstrate financial need in their scholarship applications?

Financial need is often assessed through documentation. Be prepared to provide information on your financial situation as part of the application process.

4. Can pre-med students apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously?

Yes, it’s encouraged. Applying for multiple scholarships increases your chances of receiving financial assistance.

5. Do scholarship recipients have any post-award obligations?

Some scholarships may have post-award requirements, such as maintaining a certain GPA. Be sure to understand and fulfill any obligations tied to the scholarship you receive.


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